Car Booting in Yonkers

Shopping Center and Office Building Booting Service

Shopping and office locations require professional parking area management for you to maintain property value.

Retail areas MUST have parking available. When a driver uses your area to park and go to neighboring properties, YOUR tenants lose customers. Office buildings and office parks have an urgent need to prevent unauthorized parking — sometimes in reserved areas. Your business tenants will thank you for taking a pro-active step in keeping the parking for their employees and customers available.

Residential Properties/Home Owners Associations

partment-google-ok-fiixed-to-400x245 Residential parking areas demand quality management to ensure that tenants and home owner association members have the best experience. Sam Barnes at Easy Tow will help you make that happen.

Your current and prospective tenants and buyers want to know that their spaces won't be taken by unauthorized drivers. Your relationship with Easy Tow and Boot gives them that assurance.

What is booting? How does it work?

Booting of unauthorized vehicles is a legal, simple method of protecting the integrity of your parking areas. Easy Tow and Boot will install a professionally designed boot device that will stop the illegal parking violator cold, without any damage to the vehicle. Tjis process makes certain that not only the owner of the booted car, but the car of any visitor who sees it, gets the mesage and never inconveniences your tenants again.

Easy Towing applies the device, as well as a prominent sticker on the driver's side window or windshield to alert the driver not to attempt to override the boot. Sam Barnes of Easy Tow and Boot has been a leader in this industry in Westchester County for over two decades.

What's My Next Step?

Call Sam at Easy Tow and Boot — 914-376-0633 — and ask for a no-obligation professional evaluation of your property.

Your Parking Area Management Professional